What is International Baccalaureate?

In short International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international educational foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. They offer education programmes for children aged 3 to 19. The school offering these programs should be authorised by IB. As per www.ibo.org, there are about 139 IB World Schools in India that offer one or more IB programmes. IB Diploma Programme is recognised by almost all Universities in India.

More about the details of IB Programmes in my next blog.

How to become an IB Teacher?

IB does not specify any formal qualifications to teach IB programmes, it is upto the school and their recruitment policy. However, most of the IB World Schools recruit teachers who have prior IB teaching experience. IB has also tied up with various universities and institutions to offer IB certificate in teaching and learning. As per www.ibo.org, there are about 36 Universities world wide who offer certificate in teaching and learning or an IB advanced certificate in teaching and learning research.

In India most of the schools partner with IB to conduct regular trainings and refresh trainings for their fresh and in-service teachers. There are some schools who do take teacher from other boards like Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), ICSE or CBSE, and train them to teach IB Programmes. Some IB schools also have other board (ex. ICSE, CBSE, etc.) in parallel. So, if you are without an IB experience, you can plan to join such schools as a teacher for other board, and work with the school management to get yourself trained on IB.

There are training institutes that offer IB Educators Certificate in India, like Indus Training and Research Institute has partnered with University of Bath, UK and introduced Masters in Education (M.A.) with the IB Educators Certificate (IBEC).

IB does regular online workshops for those who are interested to know more about the IB curriculum. One can view the details at http://www.ibo.org/en/professional-development/find-events-and-workshops/.

For a teacher in India, a career in IB school ends up to be very satisfying – both professionally as well as financially. IB schools offer one of the best salary packages to teachers.

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  1. i have completed my m.tech in electronics and communication engineering. I want to know details about this IB certification. what is the process and eligilibity. please call me at 834149933

  2. I completed Msc in Chemistry with three years teaching experience. I want to be a Ib teacher please let me know what is the process

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