PGT- Post Graduate Teacher

Minimum Qualification required– Post Graduation in subject concerned and B Ed degree from UGC recognised University.

Teaching level– Teaches at senior secondary level i.e. 11th and 12th

This means, if you are a post-graduate (eg., M.A.), and have done your B.Ed or M.Ed then you can become a post graduate teacher. PGT teaches students under class 12 (including class 12).

NET (National Eligibility Test) is a national level examination given by students who are post graduates (MSc, MA etc.,). Once cleared, then they are eligible to be a lecturer (Bed not mandatory). PhD can be done later by students who feel they should do further research in a particular field of teaching. 

PGT teacher can teach these subjects : English, Hindi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, Computer Science, Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics, etc.

PGT Pay Scale as per state and grade pay (GP) –  Roughly ranges from Rs. 35000-45000 based on state and Grade Pay (GP).


TGT- Trained Graduate Teacher

Minimum Qualification required– Graduation in subject concerned and B Ed degree from UGC recognised University.

Teaching level- Teaches at secondary level i.e. 6th to 10th

This means, you are a graduate, who is trained in teaching. If you clear you B.Ed, then you already are a TGT.  ( TGT is not a course, but a title given to teachers who have completed their graduation and training in teaching.).

TGT teacher can teach these subjects : English, Hindi, Math’s, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Economics Geography, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit, etc.

TGT Pay Scale as per state and grade pay (GP) – Roughly ranges from Rs. 28000-42000. based on state and grade pay (GP).


PRT- Primary Teacher

Minimum Qualification required– Diploma in Elementary Education

Teaching level- Teaches at primary level i.e. 1st to 5th

This means  a PRT teacher is eligible to teach till class 5th. Person who is 12th pass with JBT, D.el.ed etc can become a PRT. A graduate with b.ed can apply for the post too in private schools.

Subjects: English, Hindi, Math’s, Science, EVS, Hindi, Bengali, Art, Music, Physical Education, etc.

PRT Pay Scale as per state and grade pay (GP) : from  Rs. 22000-35000.


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    My name is John babu from Andhra Pradesh I finished my 12th pass with 2 years diploma in special education…..can I Elegibility for (PRT PRIMARY TEACHER) Job.


  4. I am msc in computer science, so bed is compulsory for me or not and I am eligible for teaching
    Prabha shriwas

  5. Sir i have done 12 the class with 2 year diploma in elementary education like jbt(deled)and clear ctet exam can i eligible for PRT teacher

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